ISOMA Fair Launch – Don’t Miss Out!

May 24, 2024 | news

Hey everyone!

This is a friendly reminder to mark your calendars for the upcoming fair launch of ISOMA!

  • Date: 2 June 2024
  • Time: 11:00 (UTC)
  • Platform: Pinksale
  • Contract Address: 0x1A517CDA51e98a25Be23acE76b5304cecB6534Aa
  • Fairlauch Address: 0xa881616AEc74E090d3E30E20997Af8f7d6d093B9
  • Fairlaunch link: PinkSale


ISOMA token are functions as a utility token for PT ISOMA Inovasi Kreatif, a company in Indonesia. Utility tokens grant access to products or services offered by a company. Here are some potential use cases for the ISOMA token:

🟒 Access to PT ISOMA Inovasi Kreatif’s products or services: ISOMA token holders might receive discounts on the company’s products or services, or even exclusive access to them entirely.

🟒 Frictionless payments within PT ISOMA Inovasi Kreatif’s ecosystem:  The token could act as a digital currency for faster and cheaper transactions within the company’s platform or service.

🟒 Rewards program:  PT ISOMA Inovasi Kreatif might incentivize users to engage with their platform by rewarding them with ISOMA tokens for taking desired actions. These tokens could then be redeemed for discounts or other benefits.

Since PT ISOMA Inovasi Kreatif is a company in Indonesia, it’s important to consider any regulations surrounding crypto tokens in the country.

What is a fair launch?

A fair launch is a way for anyone to participate in the initial distribution of ISOMA’s tokens. There’s no pre-sale or advantage given to a select group.

Don’t miss out on this ground-breaking opportunity!

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Important Notes:

  • Do your own research (DYOR) before participating in any fair launch.
  • This project is still under development, and there is always a risk involved.
  • Invest responsibly only what you can afford to lose.

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