Audit Certificate

Aug 6, 2023 | news

ISOMA Achieves Enhanced Security with Successful Smart Contract Audit!

We’re thrilled to announce that the smart contracts for ISOMA have undergone a rigorous security audit and have been officially certified! This is a significant milestone for our project, demonstrating our commitment to providing a secure and reliable platform for our users.

Why Smart Contract Audits Matter

Smart contracts are self-executing contracts stored on a blockchain. While they offer many advantages, security is paramount. A thorough smart contract audit helps identify and address potential vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious actors. This significantly reduces the risk of hacks and financial losses for our users.

Our Audit Partner

We partnered with a leading blockchain security firm to conduct a comprehensive audit of our smart contracts. Their team of experienced auditors employed a combination of static analysis and manual review techniques to ensure the robustness of our code.

Audit Results

We’re pleased to report that the audit identified no critical issues, a few minor/medium issues that have been addressed. This reinforces our confidence in the security of our smart contracts. You can find the detailed audit report by Cyberscope here:

Our Commitment to Security

Security is an ongoing process. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest security standards for our platform. We will continue to conduct regular security audits and implement best practices to safeguard our user’s assets.

Moving Forward

With this successful audit, we are now one step closer to launching our platform. We are confident that ISOMA will provide a secure and reliable environment for our users.

Thank You!

We appreciate your continued support. Stay tuned for further updates as we progress towards the future of a more open, transparent, and user-centric financial system.